David J. Grimshaw
David J. Grimshaw Dr David J. Grimshaw is an independant consultant and writer.

He is also Visiting Professor in ICT4D at Royal Holloway, University of London.

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In search of happiness?

How many countries (or indeed people) measure success by happiness?  There is only one country that I know of: Bhutan.   In this remote Himalayan Kingdom the state measures GNH (Gross National Happiness) rather than GNP (Gross National Product). Bhutan has remained relatively isolated with TV and Internet only becoming available to people in the year […]

A Rain of Colour

A Rain of Colour

Over the weekend I was told that it hadn’t rained for 6 months.   Today it rained colour in Kathmandu.   A walk through town involved dodging water bombs and coloured powder dropped from roof gardens. The effect as you can see was spectacular.   More photographs can be seen by following this link.   Shops were closed, the […]

Does the call for responsible capitalism include responsible technology?

Unless you have been on a different planet this week you cannot have escaped the rhetoric around responsible capitalism.   If you don’t know what this means try “googling” “responsible capitalism”; I have just tried that and found over 13 million hits, many of them within the last 24 hours.  So certainly we have a public […]

When is a new technology an “intermediate technology”?

Often when I talk about new technologies in the same sentance as international development…and then reveal that I work for Practical Action…I can see the “disconnect” in someone’s eyes.   After all Schumacher wrote about the need for “intermediate technology”.   In the sound bites of today’s world that must be somewhere between high tech and low […]

Phones overtake radio in ownership by the poor

LirneASIA have just published a report based on survey data in South Asia which concludes that more people at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) own a phone than a radio.   So the traditional channel of knowledge sharing with the poor has now been overtaken by the phone.   Interestingly, most respondents had never heard or […]

Can you repeat that?

We visited communities in Gwanda south to discuss their information needs.  They told us that water was their biggest problem. We listened to a podcast about water, in their local language. We then asked them what they liked about the podcast and they said being able to listen again. This is something that all communities […]


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